Falkenberg Solutions

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Buying Property

Contract, Risk and Financing

For the purchase phase we provide an Investment Management Service supporting the gathering and submission of any project related information to banks and act as local contact for the investor and the bank. We also assist in finding local finance institutions and possible government subsidies for renovations.

One of our key activities during this phase is to ensure that the specific risks and opportunities of the property to be bought are reflected in the contract and information risks are deflected to the vendor as much as possible.

For the Property Financing we are specialised in producing business plans and cash flow forecast models that are later used for the reporting to the banks. These are obviously more crucial for development properties. Here our project management experience is especially valuable.

At contract closing we take over and process all technical documentation for the buildings, the rental and service contracts, securities related to rental and building contracts and insurance documentation.

Through 25 years of experience in setting up and managing partnerships and GmbH as Special Purpose Vehicles for investments in property we can also offer support to set up, management and residency for any SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle = Company set up for the purpose of buying one or more properties) compliant with German law.

For translations of the German terminology an investor will inevitably come across in this process please refer to our Glossary of German Property terms and abbreviations on this website Glossary Link.